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                        專委會的業務能源種類主要包括醇基液體燃料(甲醇、乙醇、醇醚和甲醇汽油)、二甲醚燃料、輕烴燃料、生物柴油等生物液體燃料及其相關替代傳統能源的燃料。 會員單位由從事新型液體燃料及燃具行業的科研機構、技術開發、產品制造、工程施工、市場營銷等企事業單位、社團機構自愿組成,并經民政部批準成立的全國性行業社團法人組織。民政部核準的業務范圍包括行業管理、信息交流、業務培訓、專業展覽、國際合作、咨詢服務。中國農村能源行業協會與中國生態環境保護協會共同主辦有《能源生態環境動態》微信服務號,宣傳農村能源及生態環境保護系統的方針政策、技術產品、經驗模式、成績效益、發展動向、市場信息、國際交流及重大活動等。



                  Introduction of

                  Specialized Committee on New-type Liquid Fuels and Fuel-adapted Burners of CAREI


                  Founded in 1991, CAREIChina Association of Rural Energy Industryis a national NGO. The members of CAREI consists of corporations, enterprises, research institutions, colleges, universities and social organizations. These units must engage in rural energy, including scientific research and development, product manufacturing, engineering construction, and marketing.

                  The Specialized Committee on New Liquid Fuels and Fuel-adapted Burners is a branch of the CAREI. Other five branches are also Specialized Committees, named as Solar Thermal Utilization, Biogas and Biological Natural Gas, Energy-saving Stoves, Bio-energy Conversion Technology, and Distributed Power Supply. The main types of energy for the Specialized Committee on New Liquid Fuels and Fuel-adapted Burners include alcohol-based liquid fuels(methanol, alcohol ether and methanol gasoline), dimethyl ether fuels, light hydrocarbon fuels, and liquid bio-fuels. These kinds of new energy and renewable energy are used as alternatives to traditional energy sources. The business of CAREI includes industry management, information exchange, business training, professional exhibitions, international cooperation, and advisory services. CAREI and The China Association of Ecological Environment Protection jointly host the WeChat new media , "Energy Ecological Environment Dynamics". The New media promotes rural energy and eco-environmental protection system policies, technology products, experience models, performance benefits, development trends, market information, international exchanges and major events.

                  The main responsibilities of the Specialized Committee on New Liquid Fuels and Fuel-adapted Burners are to serve as a bridge between the relevant government and member units around the above-mentioned work areas and the media.


                  Contact: Han Fang 18600814758 (WeChat this number)