Who are the co-working trail blazers?

It’s hard to look beyond WeWork as the true pioneers and innovators of co-working, constantly evolving to provide the best platform for businesses to grow. I recently heard they’re looking to remember how a person likes to work, so when they arrive in the morning the table is automatically set at the correct height. The concept of leasing space by the minute (or even second) shows they’re willing to go to extraordinary measures to meet the flexible needs of their customers.

…And why?

An organisation is only as good as it’s people, and to attract the most talented, hardworking staff you must be flexible and adapt to their needs. The idea that people can work when they want, where they want and with whom is a very attractive prospect… and as long as they get the job done, why should it matter?

This progressive way of working encourages a creative and innovative environment, so for many industries (like tech) it’s certainly the way forward. If everyone worked 9-5, there would also be more strain on public services and transport, like traffic jams and overcrowded trains, which is terrible for productivity and wellbeing. However, there’ll always be a need for typical work times and places… a phone needs answering, a person needs meeting and a van needs loading/unloading. The best solution is getting the conditions right to maximise an individual’s performance in their role.

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